About Us

SurvCon Geomatics Inc. offers a wide range of technical engineering services.

Our Services

SurvCon Geomatics Inc. offers a wide range of technical engineering services: GPS and Total Station surveys, UAV surveys, drafting / design and material testing.


Our Projects

SurvCon Geomatics Inc. has worked on a  wide verity of projects from small parking lots to large industrial projects. 

- G3 SaskWest Inland Terminal 

- Aberdeen Lagoon Expansion

- G3 Maidstone Inland Terminal

- G3 Melville Inland Terminal

- Viterra Corinne Product Storage

- Nutrien Lanigan Brine Pond Expansion

- SaskWater M1 Canal Rehab

- CoS North Commuter Bridge


About Us


Today  SurvCon Geomatics Inc. and TTES Consulting Inc. employ 10 - 30 dedicated technologists, technicians and support staff.  Our client list has grown to over 100 companies and includes Contractors of all sizes and specialties as well as Engineering and owner Firms.  With offices in Macgregor MB, Reston MB, and Saskatoon SK, SurvCon currently operates throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Take a look at the services tab of this website for a current list of services provided.  Our projects range in size from small commercial parking lots to complex mine sites.

SurvCon Geomatics Inc began operating  out of Saskatoon in 2010.

The success of SurvCon Geomatics Inc. is a direct result of the dedication, quality and diversity of our staff.  The profit sharing plan makes everyone a responsible owner and it shows through in our workmanship.  We embrace technology and are in a constant state of training and upgrading.  We are committed to our clients and go the extra mile to protect their interests.  SurvCon understands that there is no task too small to spend time making it more efficient.  We are continually adjusting our techniques striving to deliver a superior deliverable in a short amount of time for a reasonable price.  We believe that everyone should come home from work injury free and strive to work safely.

SurvCon Geomatics Inc. is a member of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Associations, Saskatoon Construction Association and is CCIL, ISNET and COR certified.